Will Tyler Cameron Be 'The Bachelor' in 2020? Here's What We Know

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BIG spoilers ahead for The Bachelorette, and potential spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelor.

Ok, so we're several months away from learning who the next Bachelor will be (shooting usually starts in September, so the announcement may come in August). But that doesn't mean we can't speculate as to who it might be and why, particularly thinking about Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette. And one of those bachelors, who has turned heads and who we now know isn't Hannah's final selection, is Tyler Cameron. The former football player, current model, and heartthrob is a fan-favorite, and he's almost guaranteed to be a contender. Here's what we know.

He's gotten a good edit in a crazy season.

In a season that's been Luke-heavy, and yelling/weeping-heavy, Tyler mostly sits out the big drama, pipes in occasionally with a good point, and then lets the other bachelors do their crazy thing. Even the way in which he approached Cam crashing a group date, meandering slowly up to him in a fab cardigan and then gently calling him out, was classy.

Of course, next week his edit could pivot entirely, given the show loves to mess with our heads, but I don't think so.

People were really excited when they thought Hannah picked him.

So, this was a weird season, in terms of spoilers. Reality Steve, who often knows intimate details from each season, was convinced for a while that Tyler was the final pick. Apparently, it came down to him and Jed Wyatt, and Hannah wasn't even sure the morning of. Then, this week, Steve changed course and said he's now sure Jed is Hannah's final guy. Considering the news we just got about Jed, this announcement felt like a deflated balloon for some fans (myself included). Tyler comes out looking a lot rosier.

Tylers's not on Bachelor in Paradise.

But of course, he wouldn't be, considering that the producers don't want to spoil The Bachelorette. Since he makes it to at least the top four and likely top two on Hannah's season, it's a good sign that he's at least being considered for the lead spot.

He's busy doing volunteer projects.

Obviously, this could just be Tyler getting back to doing what he loves, but it's really good PR, either way, to focus his efforts on working with really cute kiddos and remind everyone how sweet (and hot) he is.

People think he's really really good-looking.

And they are not wrong.

But I actually think one of his more underrated traits is his humor:

Looking at past Bachelor choices—Colton Underwood was a football player, for example, just the latest in a series of athletes—he fits the bill. He's pretty good in front of the camera, including having a sexy voice (Hannah's words!), and he has a lot of personality and interests. There would be plenty to talk about, if he were picked. If I had to guess, this is absolutely not the last we've seen of Tyler within Bachelor Nation.

I myself have a different top pick for my preferred future Bachelor, but Tyler's still a great choice, in my humble and non-expert opinion.

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