Who Does Peter Weber Get "Intimate With" on 'The Bachelor'?

When Peter Weber "gets intimate" with one of his 'The Bachelor' contestants, things get messy.

The Bachelor Visits Extra
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Spoilers for The Bachelor. As Peter Weber barrels towards his interesting (read: messy) Bachelor finale, a very interesting preview from the show has hit our TV screens. In it, Weber and his women talk about a person or people he may have been "intimate with," and it causes a bunch of sh*t to go down. We already know that Weber's season has an "abnormal" ending—could this be the reason why? And who is he referring to when he mentions the aforementioned intimacy (which can usually be read as show code for sex)? Unlike when Weber was a contestant on The Bachelorette, this doesn't really feel like fun, four-times-in-a-windmill kind of sex, but the relationship-ending kind. Here's what we know, and we'll keep the story updated as we learn more. 

What we know about Weber and his Bachelor contestants.

So, in the preview, we learn a couple things. Madison Prewett is a virgin, and she says she would have a hard time staying on the show if she found out that Weber had slept with anyone. (Okay, is anyone getting flashbacks to Hannah Brown's "I have had sex and Jesus still loves me" season? Just me?)

Then there's this thing that Weber says, presumably to Prewett: "I don't want this to be just about sex, but six days prior, I was intimate with someone else." Full spoilers here, but there are only two people this could potentially be: Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller, the two other girls who made it to overnights. So he's either been intimate with one or both of them, depending on the timing of overnights.

Here's the video in question (the drama starts at 1:25):

Interestingly, someone (Fuller?) says to someone else (Prewett?) that she gave Weber an ultimatum and "it's disgusting."

Which might give us clues about Weber's finale.

We know, based on Reality Steve spoilery reports, that Prewett self-eliminates from the show after learning from Sluss and Fuller about the sex one or both of them had with Weber. Reality Steve speculates it's both of them, but we'll have to wait for the actual show to get confirmation, I imagine.

This is very likely the reason why Prewett eliminates herself. There is an unverified theory that this is the ultimate reason Weber's season finale is weird: Weber leaves the show and pursues Prewett instead of selecting Sluss, his other final two selection. So the overnight suites might play an enormous part in this season—keep an eye out. 

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