'Behind Her Eyes' Season 2: Everything We Know

The show's twisted ending hinted at a possible next season.

 Spoilers for Behind Her EyesThe good news: What Netflix's Behind Her Eyes lacks in logical plot development, it makes up for in sheer audacity and a commitment to fringe witchcraft. So needless to say, the new Netflix show—about a psychiatrist, David, who has an affair with his secretary, Louise, while his wife Adele/soul twin Rob plots against them via astral projection—is a wild ride. With just six episodes in the first season, fans are itching to know if the series will return for an equally unexpected and absurd second season. Here's everything we know about Behind Her Eyes season 2.

How does season 1 end?

It's a convoluted journey, to say the least. (See the detailed breakdown of the ending here.) But, long story short: Louise (Simona Brown), whose body has been hijacked by Rob's soul, marries David (Tom Bateman), who thinks his previous wife Adele has died of an overdose. (She did not. Rob also killed her.) The two are planning their honeymoon, but Louise's young son, Adam (Tyler Howitt), suspects something is up with his mom.

What could season 2 of Behind Her Eyes be about?

Based on the sinister glare "Louise" (a.k.a. Rob) gives Adam in the final shot of season 1, season 2 could be about the lengths Rob-Louise goes through to cover up her evil secrets—including getting rid of her son. Considering Adam and Louise's relationship was the main emotional anchor of the first season, it would be an absolutely heart-wrenching route and undeniably dark path to explore.

There were also breadcrumbs laid in the first season about Louise's relationship with her ex-husband—perhaps the second season could see her ex catching onto Rob-Louise and fighting to protect his son and avenge his ex-wife?

Behind Her Eyes could also take a page out of the book of another Netflix hit, YouIn You, serial killer Joe goes from city to city meeting, and eventually hurting, different women while also torturing the people in their lives. That same anthology format could lend itself easily to Behind Her Eyes if it has a second iteration—after all, David and Adele came to town for a fresh start, so it's not so farfetched to assume David and Louise would do the same.

Season 2 would also hopefully flesh out David's character more, exploring his backstory and motivations as well as show Rob facing repercussions for his heinous soul-swapping acts. Ideally, if the show were renewed, production wouldn't make the mistake of exactly copying the first season; it would fall flat since audiences are already aware of Rob's shocking secret.

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Simona Brown as Louise and Eve Hewson as Adele in season 1 of Behind Her Eyes.

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There's no more book material.

Season 1 of Behind Her Eyes closely followed the plot laid out in Sarah Pinborough's book of the same name, which means there's no pre-existing material left for Netflix to adapt into another season. (Though it has been done before with book-to-show series like Big Little Lies and The Handmaid's Tale.) But Pinborough's book did delve into Rob-Louise plotting to harm Adam, so if Netflix does move forward they could pull on that (ill-advised) thread.

Pinborough also wasn't involved with the first season, so it's unlikely she'd come on board to pen any more storylines for a new season. The author also told Express.co.uk that she has no knowledge currently about a second season. "I would be interested to see where they would take it as it's a pretty closed ending. But if it does well, you never know," she said.

Could the cast return for season 2?

While the cast hasn't confirmed or denied any future involvement in the Netflix series, it's safe to assume that Eve Hewson, at least, wouldn't be in the show based on the events of season 1. But never say never with this show; Hewson's Adele could always return as a ghost, haunting Rob-Louise's dreams. Or perhaps she'll appear in flashbacks that reveal more about her history with David and Rob. Or TBH, she might just be back because astral projection is bonkers.

Whatever the case, Hewson would probably be on board for any reincarnation of the character, no matter how outlandish: She recently told Collider that playing Adele has been a major thrill of her career. "I genuinely loved this character so much, mainly because of the twist. I’ve never had more fun playing a character in my life. If I could play Adele until the day that I'm dead, I wouldn't care," she said. "There were so many possibilities, because of the twist, for how I could interpret Adele, and that just gave it more life. It's so not 'what you see is what you get.' Also, the idea of tricking the characters and tricking the audience, and all of those layers, was glorious. I really enjoyed it."

For now, consider getting your fix of the cast in their buzzy upcoming projects. Hewson is playing Anna Wetherell in Starz's The Luminaries, an adaptation of the celebrated novel. And Batemen is set to appear in the star-studded film Death on the Nile, alongside Rose Leslie, Gal Gadot, Letitia Wright, and Kenneth Branagh.


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