Clare Crawley's 'Bachelorette' Cast: Every Detail We Know

Get to know the contestants—they're super-important this season.

bachelorette clare crawley cast
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Okay, are you sitting down? Because I'm about to give you a lot of information. The 2020 season of The Bachelorette saw a major delay, a lead replacement, and two cast shake-ups—basically, in the vernacular of Chris Harrison, the most dramatic season ever (but, like, actually this time). This list of men is the official cast list for Clare Crawley's season: 31 men in all. (Forty-two men were initially cast, but only 31 men made it to screen, for reasons we'll get to in a sec.) And boy, has it been a long road to get here.

Cast your mind back to early 2020. Producers initially cast men for Crawley's season—and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The show was put on hold and producers took the opportunity to, uh, take a closer look at the men and get rid of some of the younger ones (there was a 23-year-old, people, and Crawley is 39). They also set up more alternates for her cast in case someone tested positive for COVID-19 while they all isolated on set at the La Quinta Resort & Club in California. Seventeen men were from the original cast; the other 25 were new. But not all 42 cast members were going to make it on screen. This list is the men who do.

Oh, but then. Just in case we weren't already confused enough! Crawley only filmed a few episodes of her season before leaving to pursue a relationship with one of her contestants. So thenBachelor alum Tayshia Adams was asked to fill Crawley's shoes and come on as the season's second Bachelorette—the first time on the show this has happened—meaning she'll have her own cast list of 20 men, which is here. Sixteen of those men were from Crawley's season; four were added just for Adams.

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