The Trailer for 'Drunk History' Season 4 Is Here and the Cameos are *Legit*

Yes, that is Ronda Rousey hitting a dude in a corset.

Though the music they chose for Drunk History's season four trailer is adequately epic, Carmina Burana would have fit just as nicely, given the vomiting, fist-fighting, and general mayhem. Oh, and the Chris Romano standing-up-while-nude-hot-tubbing thing.

For its upcoming episodes, the Emmy-nominated show isn't pulling any punches (har har) with its guest list: Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olsen, Gabourey Sidibe, Rachel Bilson, Michael Cera, Dave Grohl, and Ronda Rousey all make cameos while very lit comedians and entertainers narrate their versions of how civilization-defining moments went down. (We're in for the sinking of the Titanic and the invention of flight, amongst others, starting September 27.)

Watch the trailer here, and just try to get used to hearing Lin-Manuel Miranda's voice coming out of Alia Shawkat's mouth.

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Chelsea Peng
Chelsea Peng

Chelsea Peng is a writer and editor who was formerly the assistant editor at She's also worked for The Strategist and Refinery29, and is a graduate of Northwestern University. On her tombstone, she would like a GIF of herself that's better than the one that already exists on the Internet and a free fro-yo machine. Besides frozen dairy products, she's into pirates, carbs, Balzac, and snacking so hard she has to go lie down.