You Can Now Filter Your Instagram Comments Just Like a Celebrity

We're all basically famous now.

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Celebs have had the luxury of relying on Instagram to sift through the inappropriate, hateful, and incessant "first!" comments flooding their pages. But now, us normals can get a taste of the high life too.

Last night, Instagram CEO and Co-founder Kevin Systrom announced (opens in new tab) comment filters are now available to *every* user. 🙌 Systrom said the release is meant to help protect against the internet trolls killing social media for all of us.

By tapping the gear icon you can navigate to the "comments" tool and enter keywords, prompting Insta to shield you from anything less than ideal living underneath your posts.

Instagram comments filter

(Image credit: Instagram)

Instagram comments filter

(Image credit: Instagam)

At this moment, we're already entering every word a random creep has used to publicly make a move on our selfies.

Though tapping into an exclusive element of Instagram feels almost like a direct invite to Beyoncé's 35th birthday (opens in new tab), this feature is a breakthrough in making social media a safer place for the people who need it most. After the release, Amy Schumer showed support for Instagram's effort to fight online harassment and bullying.

From the entire world to Instagram, we thank you.

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Simedar Jackson
Simedar Jackson

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