'Riverdale' May Have Accidentally Revealed a Major Spoiler on Social Media

Oh my god, Fred!

The CW

The CW's hit show Riverdale is coming back in just three weeks (seriously thank God—these post Game of Thrones days have been rough), and they *might* have just accidentally revealed a huge spoiler from the upcoming season.

As most of you who are reading this know (#HelloFans), Riverdale ended on a cliffhanger—with Archie's dad Fred being shot in the diner. His life was literally hanging in the balance all hiatus long, but the show's latest social media post had a pretty big spoiler....

Uhhhhh....so, Fred is alive then, right?

Fans certainly seem to think so:

Honestly, thank god. Because a TV show without Luke Perry isn't a TV show worth watching. (Actually, just kidding, we'd watch Riverdale even if it was just Cole Sprouse sulking around in a leather jacket.)

[H href='https://www.teenvogue.com/story/riverdale-fred-andrews-dies-season-2-social-media' target='_blank">Teen Vogue']

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