You Can Now Buy Your BFF's Exact Outfit by Pointing Your Phone at Her

That dress is from Zara? Purchasing.

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You no longer have to ask your best friend where she bought that cute dress, then go home, search for it online, and order it. Now, you can simply point your phone at her and Google will do it all for you. The internet behemoth just released a new app, as part of Google Lens, that makes it easy to identify the items people are wearing and shop them in real time.


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Here's how the app, Style Match, works: If you see an item you like, open the app and point your phone's camera at the piece clothing. Google will then pull up the same exact piece or similar pieces for purchase through Google Shopping. Sounds easy enough, right? (In more technical jargon, the app works in real-time by using image-recognition technology, and is the first of its kind to have that function built into the camera.)

Plus, before you purchase that stylish pair of shoes your friend is rocking, you can also read reviews for it. Style Match also works on home decor—if you happen to want your friend's coffee table, too.

The Google Lens app is only available on Android phones and Google Assistant, so for iPhone users like myself, we're out of luck at the moment. Dammit.

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