Kylie Jenner ​Morphed Into Kim Kardashian Circa 2015 in This Latex Dress​

Honestly, I kind of love the look.

Kylie Jenner is slowly morphing into Kim Kardashian and we have proof. On Thursday night, the 21-year-old dropped by The Nice Guy in West Hollywood and stepped out of her car in a skintight, pink latex dress. The piece was definitely reminiscent of Kim's past latex looks, like this salmon-colored Atsuko Kudo dress from 2015. It appears Kylie's taking some styling advice from her older sister too as she wore a pair of PVC Yeezy heels (one of Kim's favorite types of footwear).

The duo's similar taste in clothes hasn't gone unnoticed by Kim, who once called Kylie her "little twin sissy." The 37-year-old herself recently attended an event in NYC while wearing a hot pink vintage Versace latex dress. Kim's shoes of choice? A pair of clear heels.

Kylie's out and about this week attending important events like a party to celebrate Adidas new "Falcon" sneakers. The star was tapped as the brand's latest celebrity ambassador and has been rocking her Adidas kicks nonstop on Instagram. I wouldn't be surprised if Kim's the next Kardashian in the family to land a deal with the sneaker giant as both Kendall and Kylie already rep the brand.

Read on to see Kylie's full latex look as well as a side by side of her and Kim. Then, check out all the other times they've twinned too.

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Proof Kim and Kylie are always twinning.

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