Meghan Markle Wears a Black Givenchy Dress to the Royal Academy's Oceania Exhibit

It's the first royal engagement she's attended solo.

The Duchess of Sussex Opens 'Oceania' At The Royal Academy Of Arts
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You think you've had a busy start to the week? After her appearance with Prince Harry at the Coach Core Awards on Monday, Markle enjoyed her first-ever solo engagement the very next day: The opening of Oceania at the Royal Academy. The Duchess of Sussex is scheduled to view exhibits from New Zealand, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga, and Australia. The places aren't random—Meghan and Prince Harry will travel to some of these areas in October during their royal tour.

For the Oceania exhibit, Meghan wore a velvet dress with pleated sleeves by Givenchy. This look was different than her previous day's attire where she wore a ruffled top and plain black pants. The royal even tossed a ball around in heels, proving the duchess can play sports while wearing anything. Since today, Meghan didn't have to physically throw anything around, she carried a matching black clutch. As for her shoes, she re-wore her favorite pair of black Aquazzura bow pumps.

This is the first time Meghan's gone to an event alone as a royal, but she has nothing to worry about as her outfits always look impeccable and Prince Harry is likely cheering her on...from wherever he is.

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Get Meghan's exact outfit, below.

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