Gigi Hadid Wears Sunglasses on a Nighttime Date With Tyler Cameron

So chic. So inefficient.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - August 22, 2019
(Image credit: Raymond Hall)

For anyone who isn't old like me: "Sunglasses at Night" was a really popular song that almost immediately turned into a joke, because, don't wear sunglasses at night unless you want to get into an accident? But now, Gigi Hadid has completely laughed in the face of that sentiment and was spotted driving yesterday wearing what has to be the most intriguing mix of fashion statements I've ever seen: retro tortoise-shell oval sunglasses (at night! while driving!) plus a baby blue crushed velvet scrunchie (so vintage and practical!). Gigi, you have officially broken all the style rules, but somehow you're making it work.

From what we could see (there weren't any full-body shots), Gigi rounded out the look with a beige cardi, white tee, and chunky gold jewelry. If you looks closely in the back, you can see former Bachelorette star-turned celebrity Tyler Cameron in the passenger seat. Tyler-Gigi (Giler? Tygi? Camdid? Hamron? I'll work on their relationship name.) is still the relationship of summer, guys. And we might see them next at the VMAs.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - August 22, 2019

(Image credit: Raymond Hall)

The sunnies are Velvet Canyon Zou Bisou sunglasses, still available in black and in a cream tortoiseshell (although not the original, darker tortoiseshell that Gigi's currently sporting.)

Gigi loves a good pair of sunglasses, and can essentially pull of any shape and size (those model genes are definitely working for her). But these I love just a little extra for their chunky, vintage feel. Recently she stepped out in a similar shape, albeit with a white acetate frame and with a slightly less cat-eye. So in case anyone was curious, Gigi has made it official. Oval frames are BACK (thank you, '90s style!).

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - August 19, 2019

(Image credit: Gotham)

So break out that old pair—I definitely still have mine‚or splurge for a new pair like hers.

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