This Under-the-Radar Jacket on Amazon Is My Newest Winter Obsession

And, no, it's not the "Amazon coat."

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Freezing for the sake of fashion was rarely worth it before this year, but 2020 is absolutely not the time to be donning herringbone coats and teddy sherpas once temperatures drop below freezing. Alas, finding a nice insulated winter jacket is easier said than done. I recently spent a few weeks hunting down the right one myself, so I know firsthand how truly overwhelming the search can be.

Despite all of the options out there, far too many women's winter coats feel like a "you pick two" scenario (at best) when it comes to warmth, cuteness, useful pockets, and a price tag that doesn't crush your soul. Also, what is going on with all of the button closures? Who has time for that nonsense when it's too cold outside to even feel your thumbs?

These issues seemingly disappeared when I discovered Orolay, a functional coat that hits all of my aforementioned criteria. The Shanghai-based outerwear brand is best known for the viral Amazon Coat owned by legions of cool moms in Brooklyn, on-the-go millennials, and your aunt who sometimes posts ASMR videos talking to her cat. I found myself perusing their down coat options on Prime Day when a lesser-known style caught my eye.

Aptly named, Orolay's Women's Stylish Down Jacket seemed like a mirage at first for its $120 price tag and sleek design. Since hitting the checkout button and finally test driving it myself, this coat has exceeded all of my expectations and then some. (It has three pockets, and one of them zips!)

Reader, I cannot emphasize enough how wildly comfortable this coat is. For a down jacket with impressive insulation, it's surprisingly not bulky. And, in terms of warmth, I've worn this on long walks around London (where I'm currently working remotely) in temperatures as low as 38 degrees with just a T-shirt underneath and have felt nothing but toasty and bundled up.

The coat's silhouette is longer in the back, which gives it a boxy yet fashionable fit, surpassing every other puffy coat I've owned in its ability to actually look flattering. Another noteworthy feature I initially didn't realize is that it has an interior drawstring, which can be adjusted for a slightly more fitted look.

Orolay's Stylish Down Jacket comes in navy, black, grey, and green. And because this look has somehow managed to stay under-the-radar, almost every size is still available in each color. Sharing how good this coat is with the world feels like giving away a secret, but if this can bring even one more person out there some much-needed joy right now, I'm totally cool with it.

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