Study Finds Miniskirts to Blame for Accidents

Joshua Jordan

Think twice before you put on that skimpy dress! As it turns out, risqué outfits might cause more than just an unwanted stare (or two) from the usual greaseball.

A survey from Sheilas' Wheels (a UK insurance company) found that men are more likely to have car accidents in the summer, because they tend to sacrifice attention to stare at a passerby's barely-there outfit (or better, avoiding the outfit, focusing on the "barely-there" aspect of it).

In fact, 29% percent of men who took the survey confessed that they, uh, admire the fashion choices of certain women a little too ardently. Only 3% percent of women on the other hand, admitted to ogling hot guys while behind the wheel.

According to behavioral psychologist Donna Dawson, "Testosterone also plays a part as it makes men more prone to aggression, especially when frustrated by a confined space such as a car –- and men are quicker than women to expose such irritability in hot weather." In other words, scantily clad women and heat is just not a good combination for the already easily distracted male mind.

This totally reminds us of Scott Frampton's mini-essay called "A Guy's View of Summer," where he argues that all this flesh makes men just totally lose their minds. Now we're really starting to believe him.

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