The 14 Best Zodiac Necklaces for Repping Your Star Sign

For when I need everyone to know I'm a Leo.

woman wearing zodiac necklace
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I don't care if people think zodiac signs are fakeI love being a Leo. I love the symbolism behind it, I identify with the personal traits, and I especially love the recent zodiac necklace trend sweeping the internet. People everywhere are embracing their star signs in silver and gold, with so many jewelry brands jumping on the bandwagon that we've found ourselves moving far beyond the run-of-the-mill symbols and constellations that once defined this trend. Now, there are dozens of original designs to choose from, so that if, like me, you love showing off your sign, you can do so in a myriad of ways.

Below, check out some of the best, most original zodiac necklaces out there from luxury and affordable jewelry brands alike, whether you love your zodiac symbol or you're fond of the dazzling constellation it corresponds with. Each piece is perfect for starting astrology-centered conversations, or simply for hinting to everyone that your birthday's coming up.

Best Deals on Zodiac Necklaces

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Allurez Coin Zodiac Pendant $1,561 $781 | Allurez

Allurez Coin Zodiac Pendant $1,561 $781 | Allurez

This unique line of 14-karat gold pendants features a unique textured pattern behind the zodiac symbol. Plus, it comes in white and rose gold finishes. 

Frasier Sterling Stars Align Zodiac Diamond Necklace in 14k Gold $450 $360 | Frasier Sterling

Frasier Sterling Stars Align Zodiac Diamond Necklace in 14k Gold $450 $360 | Frasier Sterling

This ethically sourced diamond necklace from Gen Z favorite brand Frasier Sterling comes in a dozen different iterations for your sign.

Free People Flower Zodiac Constellation Necklace $38 $20 | Free People

Free People Flower Zodiac Constellation Necklace $38 $20 | Free People

I love this highly original, floral take on the zodiac necklace.

Best Zodiac Symbol Necklaces

Best Zodiac Constellation Necklaces

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