Dua Lipa Agrees: Red Is the Undeniable "It" Color of the Year

She matched her cherry cola hair to her boots and bag.

Dua Lipa red color trend
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If you keep an eye on color trends, you've read a lot about red lately. From bright cherry to deep merlot, the hue is everywhere. And that now includes in the closet of your favorite pop singer: Dua Lipa approved of the red color trend the other day while out and about in London. The singer rocked red slouchy stiletto croc boots and a matching maroon bag while leaving a radio station in the Britain capital. We can safely assume she was celebrating and promoting the debut of her latest single “Houdini”, which dropped officially on Nov. 9.

First to note is that Lipa recently dyed her hair cherry, so her recent fall outfit was a full-on love letter to the shade. To allow her reds to really pop, the Grammy winner paired opted for a bevy of basics for the rest of her look.

She wore light-wash boyfriend jeans, which she tucked into her maroon stiletto boots to keep her dry on the streets of London (the personal umbrella holder didn’t hurt, either). Lipa added a basic black tee and a black leather belt to ground the look in neutrals and on top of all of that, she added a white teddy coat to keep her warm on rainy London days (Jennifer Lopez recently wore furry outerwear in the snowy shade, too.) Lastly, she added a slouchy bag in the perfect shade of deep red to match her Bordeaux boots and cherry cola hair, which brought a beginning, middle, and end to her color story.

Dua Lipa red color trend

(Image credit: Dua Lipa)

The singer debuted her new hair color earlier this week and decided to add some skinny braids to her loose, tousled waves for her London visit. Finishing off the look was a matching shade of red lipstick. Instead of opting for a Swift-style bold lip, Lipa went a little darker with an orangey, burgundy shade. 

Want to rock red yourself? Follow her lead if you’re looking to draw attention to this season’s "It" color. Layer in basics or neutrals and add red to the top, middle, and bottom. Match a crimson red dress with an oxblood bag and a bright, ruby-colored boot. Take it up a notch and why not dye your hair red, too, while you're at it? It will keep people looking. Try our range of red pieces below, and, most importantly, have fun with it.

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