Emma Corrin's Pantless Tuxedo Was a Love Letter to Princess Diana

The actor applied their signature quirky-cool style to an iconic 1985 Lady Di look.

Emma Corrin in a Princess Diana inspired white blazer, bow tie, and sheer skirt by Miu Miu
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In 2023, actors choose to channel their characters on the red carpet—Character-core (Don’t mind us coining a new trend) has become all the rage. Margot Robbie kickstarted the trend over the summer by re-creating vintage Barbie looks to a T. Now, we see Timothée Chalamet in rainbow-colored suits and bejeweled Cartier candy necklaces to promote Wonka. And yesterday, at the series finale premiere of The Crown in London, Emma Corrin wore a pantless tuxedo in homage to an iconic Princess Diana ensemble. Corrin played Lady Di in the Netflix-original drama's fourth season, so their nod to the late royal's look from 1985 was equal parts heartfelt and stylish.

Corrin ensemble was custom-tailored by Miu Miu and featured a white double-breasted tuxedo jacket styled with a white button-down and a matching black bow tie. Instead of bottoms, Corrin went pantless (in true trendsetter fashion) in a sheer gauzy skirt that revealed their chunky black knee-high boots. On the accessory front, they opted for black transparent gloves and statement Cartier earrings. The ensemble was cool and edgy, with a nod to the people's princess, but most importantly, it was Corrin. Their red carpet look was the perfect balance of honoring Diana through their own style, which made the outfit feel sincere.

Emma Corrin Lady Di Outfit

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Diana's original skirt suit that Corrin paid homage to was made by Jasper Conran and, compared to the actor's look, had a more conservative feel. Diana's white suit jacket had a rigid tailoring and was adorned with a black bow tie. Her white A-line skirt stopped at the knee, and she paired it with black sheer tights and heels.

If you've been keeping up with The Crown, you know Corrin's depiction of Diana was picture perfect, and their red carpet look was a delightful fusion of the two's bold styles coming together.

Princess Diana 1985

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Corrin never shies away from a bold and interesting look. The Miu Miu ambassador and their stylist, Harry Lambert, always craft something exciting to give us on the carpet—whether it's a quirky Loewe moment, a baggy suit, or a subversive red carpet gown. And while their latest look was a niche reference, it spotlighted one of the season's leading trends: no pants. Seen on Taylor Swift, Hailey Bieber, and Anne Hathaway, we can now add Emma Corrin to the list of A-listers who have dared the bold trend outright. Like Coco Chanel said, you should take off one thing before you leave the house. This year, consider leaving your pants behind.

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