The 13 Best Laptop Backpacks for Women in 2022

Stylish, take-anywhere backpacks that fit your laptop (and everything else, too).

selection of laptop backpacks
(Image credit: Brittany Holloway-Brown / Courtesy of Brands)

If you've recently begun commuting to work again, you’ve probably realized that your usual cotton tote bag isn’t cutting it now that you need to lug your laptop back and forth on a daily basis. If you’re constantly struggling with shoulder pain, find yourself digging into a seemingly bottomless pit in search of your keys, or just wish that you had a cute laptop bag (opens in new tab) that can carry your things from the office to happy hour, allow me to introduce to you to a selection of the very best laptop backpacks on the market. These picks have been vetted by our team of editors plus a few experts in the field who know a thing or two about looking stylish while on your morning train ride, so keep scrolling to find your new favorite pick.

Better than your usual leather tote bag (opens in new tab), the best laptop backpacks make light work of carrying all of your essentials, be it a bevy of charging cables, a water bottle, or a change of gym clothes. And while yes, all of the backpacks (opens in new tab)on this list are designed with function in mind, many of them are just plain stylish, too. Ahead, we asked Cuyana founder (opens in new tab)Shilpa Shah (opens in new tab) about her most favorite picks, as well as rounded up a few of the ones that keep team Marie Claire going.

What makes a great laptop backpack?

Say no to compartment-less backpacks in 2022! Laptop backpacks are there to ultimately make your life easier, so look for ones that come with lots of nifty design details. Your commute will at least feel seamless if you don’t need to reach into your bag’s largest compartment to pull out one of your essentials every time you want to change a song or put your book away. "When shopping for a laptop backpack, organization is key!” says Shah. “I always look for thoughtful design details like interior pockets and built-in laptop sleeves to keep your essentials in place.” 

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