Alexa Chung, Katie Holmes and Sienna Miller All Love This Mango Coat

And it's somehow still in stock!

Alexa Chung Mango Coat
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As a teen in the mid-'00s, I absolutely idolized Alexa Chung's style. I had images of her outfits pinned to both my real-life mood boards, and to the ones I had started on my budding Pinterest account, and I was eager to channel her easygoing attitude into the not-so-stylish outfits that I wore on my school's singular "dress-down day" every week. My love for her looks has not waned over the years—If anything, I've only grown fonder of the way she so expertly mixes trendy designer pieces with a few more attainably-priced items. Case in point: She just wore a Mango jacket to a FENDI party in London on February 8. But this isn't just any Mango coat—fellow cool-girl style icons Sienna Miller and Katie Holmes both have worn the same one recently. 

Alexa Chung Mango Coat

(Image credit: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for FENDI)

The coat in question retails for $300 and is (somehow) still in stock on Mango's website right now despite all of the love that it has been getting lately from 2022's coolest street style trio. Alexa, for her part, styled it over top of a ruffled white pinafore-style midi dress, while Miller and Holmes both donned it for casual daytime strolls around New York City, proving just how versatile this wardrobe staple can be. 

And honestly, it makes sense that all three women would love it so much. After all, it's hardly a secret that a classic overcoat is a winter weather essential. In a world that's chock-full of massive black puffer coats and fur-lined parkas, their minimalistic cream-colored pick proves that lighter hues can (and should!) be worn in the winter months. The coat also features the slightest bit of tapering at the waist, giving it a little bit of shape. So no, you won't look like you're drowning in the menswear-inspired piece if you choose to snag it for yourself this season. But, the maxi length also makes it ta great choice if you're simply heading out to run a few errands, as it make even the most casual of winter outfits look a little more put-together in a snap.

And if you're thinking that right now isn't the best time to buy yet another winter coat, I come baring good news. This wool one will actually work perfectly as we begin to transition into warmer weather. The light colorway won't feel heavy over top of your spring outfits, as Chung so perfectly showed off with her styling. Plus, it will add a touch of brightness to your usual all-black ensembles, so you can prove to everyone you know that yes, you do wear color sometimes! And yes, I'm counting "cream" as a color. 

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