The 7 Types of Coats to Permanently Keep In Your Closet

A definitive guide.

types of coats
(Image credit: Melodie Jeng)

No matter where you live, you need a selection of reliable coats and jackets. Most of us own a few variations of outerwear, from a jean jacket to a trench coat to a thick puffer, but there are several key types of jackets and coats that every woman should have in her wardrobe. We've put together a guide to coats and jackets and the specific types to have on hand for any situation—and we've picked a few of our favorites of each style, to boot.

Sara Holzman
Sara Holzman

Sara Holzman is the Fashion Editor at Marie Claire covering runway trends and tracking down the latest finds to buy and wear. When she’s not writing about fashion, she pens about the best places to jet-off to.