Today in Friendship Goals: Here's a Photo of a Thrilled Hillary Clinton Wearing Shoes from Katy Perry's Collec

Oh, and they're named "Hillary" in her honor. NBD.

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We'll see her in a pair of Lucite bumper-car heels yet, but for the first (confirmed) time she's worn pal Katy Perry's shoe collection, Hillary Clinton went with a more classic point-toe pump—named the "Hillary" in her honor.

In a hammy Instagram—look at that Broadway-ready pose!—the designer of Clinton's pale pink footwear promotes her site's spring sale and thanks her model with "(OMG I LOVE HER SO MUCH)." (Same.)

But are they comfortable? Can we get Hillary to review them??? ("Heel sturdy enough to kick in glass ceilings, 10/10 would recommend.")

In case you're interested in becoming the proud owner of your own Hillary shoes, theygo for $139 online—and as you can see above, they've got moons and stars embedded in the heels, which is just so fitting.

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Chelsea Peng
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