Big Girl in a Skinny World is Blogging!

Greg Kessler
Hello Ladies:

It was a Thursday about two weeks ago when I started to receive numerous emails, Facebook friend requests and phone calls. It was also on this said Thursday that I found out that the November issue of Marie Claire—which featured my very first Big Girl in a Skinny World column— had hit newsstands. I had received my subscription copy a week before. It's now practically falling apart thanks to my doting parents, who have shown it to just about everyone we know and quite a few people we don't know. The response to the column was overwhelming, and many of my close friends and family call just to ask if I've Googled myself lately. "You're on Coco Perez!" Thanks to all your kind letters, emails and comments, it's all started to sink in.

Your countless emails have been inspiring and extremely flattering! So many of you wrote in to the magazine demanding more and here I am. I will be delivering my best tricks and tips to dress any outfit up or down! I will be answering your emails and listening to your concerns. Oh, and I will be sharing my fashion finds which with as much as I shop will be never-ending!

So now you know you can find me right here on Mondays and Wednesdays. Looking forward to hearing from you!

- Ashley


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