Princess Kate Interrupts Her Regularly Scheduled Pantsuit Programming in a Knit Vest—And Tailored Pants

So, she didn't stray TOO far from the formula.

The Princess of Wales Visits Vsi Razom Community Hub
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Although pantsuits have always been one part of Princess Kate's sartorial repertoire, in recent weeks it started to seem like she only ever wore blazer-and-tailored-pants sets.

Well, in case you were starting to feel about weary of the Princess of Wales' new uniform, I'm here to inform you that on her latest official royal visit, Kate updated the formula somewhat.

Though she still opted for gray wool tailored suit pants with a front pleat, and a white button-down, the princess swapped her trusty blazers for a more romantic gray knit vest, for a very preppy/back-to-school vibe. She paired the look with pointed-toe block-heeled loafers.

The Princess of Wales Visits Vsi Razom Community Hub

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As for Kate's star piece, the gray, sleeveless vest, you can get your hands on one of your own from Cefinn—a brand which the princess has previously worn, notably rocking a green leopard print dress from the label back in June, and a navy knit dress back in January.

Kate was at the Vsi Razom Community Hub in Bracknell, England, a center dedicated to supporting Ukrainians in the local area who emigrated following the ongoing conflict.

There, she learned about the organization's work in the community, and met some of the community members directly. She also got involved with some of the activities at the center, including participating in children's arts and crafts, and helping to pack donations of essential items.

On one of the boxes of donations, Kate wrote, "We are all thinking of you."

Later on in the visit, the princess was photographed sporting a blue and yellow bow on her vest, and carrying a blue and yellow bouquet in tribute to the Ukrainian flag.

You can learn more about how to support Ukraine in Marie Claire's guide.

The Princess of Wales Visits Vsi Razom Community Hub

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