Rihanna's Fenty Launch Party Outfit Featured Lots of '90s Throwback Details

Remember wallet chains? Here's RiRi's blinged-out take.

Rihanna in a purple coat, jeans, and jersey at Fenty x Puma's launch party
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Wake up, babe. A new Rihanna red carpet look just dropped—and it's incredible, as per usual. Last night, the fashion magnate celebrated the launch of her newest collab, the Fenty X Puma Creeper Phattys, in the best way possible: with a killer outfit. While walking the (green) carpet, Rih sported not one but two statement coats. She layered a retro, archival Chanel quilted purple jacket underneath an outrageous purple feathered coat. Only Rihanna, am I right? The doubled-up jackets revealed a varsity-style lace-lined tee the singer wore for her base layer. Shockingly, that wasn't even the most eye-catching part of Rihanna's Fenty launch party outfit.

The businesswoman knows how to own a carpet, and that's via jewels—lots and lots of jewels. She added yet another retro twist to her look with layers of bejeweled chains hanging from the belt loops of her low-rise jeans. We aren't sure where the dazzling denim chain came from, but we can speculate that it might be a custom piece, considering we haven't seen one since the '90s Nickleback era. One thing about Rihanna, though, is she's a trendsetter, so don't be surprised if this is the start of another '90s trend revival for the coming year.

Rihanna wearing a purple fur coat with a varsity-style tee and low-rise jeans with a bejeweled chain

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Of course, being a woman known for her almost over-the-top jewelry moments, this accessories story does not stop there. The Fenty mogul also wore an earful of diamond cuff earrings, making up an earscape we can't wait to replicate ourselves. She also layered a rainbow-colored array of necklaces to round out the stellar jewelry moment.

Rihanna also wore a pair of gummy-soled lilac Creeper Phatty sneakers from the collab, which are now available for purchase.

The singer gave a few wise words while on the carpet speaking to Hypebeast. When asked about her fashion ick, she responded, "When you see something that is inauthentic for someone. It's blatant; it's blaring. I hate that. It's forced. That turns me off.” One thing's for sure: the queen of personal style will never be caught in an outfit that isn't true to herself, and we can only aim to do the same.

Melony Forcier
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