Sofia Richie Just Proved Exactly Why She's the Quiet Luxury Queen

Richie has a knack for making everything look put-together—including loungewear.

Sofia Richie in a knit dress and brown leather jacket
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Sofia Richie is the queen of quiet luxury—full stop. Richie's June wedding in the South of France helped to re-introduce the low-key look into the cultural zeitgeist, and throughout the last year, the young model has more than proven her status as a savant of stealth wealth. Wearing everything from tweed skirt suits to basic blue jeans and a white button-down shirt, Richie’s rise as a figurehead of understated style has been a joy to watch. As of today, we have another look to add to her simplistic style file: Richie wore a quiet luxury sweater set for a casual, off-duty day spent shopping.

For the young model, even cozy clothes fall under the purview of quiet luxury—after all, considering she's largely responsible for re-igniting the trend, she is the expert here. While browsing stores in Los Angeles, Richie styled a tan fuzzy crewneck sweater with matching wide-leg knit pants. The outfit was the definition of cozy-chic—a style ethos especially warranted during the holiday season.

She styled the set with minimal accessories and no layers (It's still warm in Los Angeles, after all.) For accessories, she topped the look off with black Dior cat-eye sunglasses and a teal Chanel tweed crossbody bag. Lastly, she wore tan-blocked heeled clogs, which peeked out from underneath the hem of her sweater pants.

Sofia Richie in a quiet luxury tan sweater set.

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Stars, they're just like us: opting to run errands in cozy clothes. It's always refreshing to see celebrities in more relatable looks, and Richie is not unfamiliar with a comfy-cute set. Earlier this month In Los Angeles, she wore a gray vintage-inspired sweat set from The Great, which created an equally cozy look as the tan one she just wore. Her varsity-crewneck sweater had vintage stitching that matched her gray sweatpants. Of course, we can depend on Richie to sprinkle in a little Chanel with every look: She styled her gray set with Chanel sneakers and the same blue-green crossbody flap bag.

Next time you leave your house for a sweet treat, ditch the college sweatpants and old T-shirt and take styling cues from Richie's cozy look. Having a matching sweater set on hand is the easiest way to look polished, especially when you don't feel like putting on Real Clothes. With the holiday season in full swing, a matching sweater set like Richie's is ideal for lounging around the house, but you still feel like you got dressed in something other than your pajamas. Plus, a knit co-ord makes a great gift for the upcoming gifting season.

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