Fitness Boss Ally Love's Five Rules for a Stronger, Healthier Life

This Brooklyn Nets host is always on the move. Here's her secret.

Walk into Ally Love's apartment and the first thing you might see is a purple yoga mat. The entrepreneur, certified health coach, and Peloton instructor never misses a workout. "I always find time to sweat every single day," she says, whether that's "a fitness class, a run, or a workout in my living room." One thing is for sure: This boss knows how to stay motivated.

"I'm the type of person who is always on the move and not afraid of hard work," Love says. For proof, just look at her journey from the Alvin Ailey School of Dance and Fordham University (at the same time, no less) to hosting at-home Nets games at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn (and, oh yeah, finding time along the way to launch Love Squad, a popular sports, fitness, and lifestyle website). Here, she shares her secrets for never standing still—and loving every minute of it.

1. Catch enough Z's. "It's important that I get a good night's sleep," Love says. Sleeping in late, though, isn't an option, since she's usually up and teaching a 6:00 a.m. class. She uses Fitbit Versa™ to track her sleep, which is almost always in the 7- to 8-hour range. Her motto: "That saying the early bird gets the worm...the truth is, they only get what's left by the hustlers and bosses."

2. Work out every. Single. Day. "Even when you're tired, it's so important to get moving," she said in a post to her 68,000 Instagram followers. For Love, tracking her heart rate is as important as monitoring the calories burned and length of the workout that's why she loves the 24/7 heart rate tracking feature in Fitbit Versa. Knowing her resting heart rate helps her see how all the activity is helping her overall cardio health.

3. Eat well. While she claims to not be a breakfast person, Love knows the importance of fueling her body first thing. Her go-to's include oatmeal and berries, avocado toast, or eggs—anything that will boost her energy. "I like to have fun with my food," she says. "It helps me refuel and keeps my energy up on a busy day."

4. Love what you do. "When you find something you love to do, it never feels like work," she says.

5. Find inspiration everywhere. Love Squad isn't just packed with fitness and lifestyle inspo. It's also an online community for women who are accomplishing their goals—and it has meetups IRL. "We believe in being multifaceted, sweating on the outside, and taking those first steps to improving what’s on the inside," Love writes on the site.

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