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Myles Dumas

A confession:

Much like countless other endeavors in my life—including and not limited to crafting a perfectly hilarious teleplay, leaving work early enough to hit that elusive spin class (oh, how I miss you trainer Carl), cracking a cookbook for dinner instead of feasting on bowls of popcorn and carafes of wine, or actually remembering to pay my cellphone before they have to send me a text that its past-due—I meant to start this blog a tad bit earlier than the hour before I land in Lihue, Kauai. For my very first marathon. Which I also had every intention of training for a whole lot more, and yet, life got in the way: Hurricanes, breakups, earthquakes, and heatwaves, oh my! In short, August—typically my favorite month—and I just weren't the besties I was hoping we'd be this year.

That, and admittedly this magazine editor is kinda lazy at the end of the day.

So while I've some kept track of some of my training via tweets over at (shameless plug alert!) HungoverRunner, I figured the gist of training I could condense for you quite quickly here: I ran a lot. I did it often. For the first time in my life I woke up to run in the morning before work—which anyone that knows me would tell is a miracle comparable to scoring the last pair of Louboutins at a sample sale—or I battled it out in the overcrowded gym locker room to log endless miles on the hellish treadmill (BTW, the girl in the red tank top that talks on her Bluetooth the entire time you're power walking next to me? You're not that important. Put it away.) As a result of this laid back guide to marathon training, my now knees require a nightly icing down, my chest and shoulders may be perma-scared by an ugly sports-bra chaffing incident, and for god's sake, if we ever meet in person, whatever you do, please don't glance down at my calloused, blistered, torn-up feet. It will hurt less for both of us.

But here I am, 12 hours into an epic airline journey to the staggeringly gorgeous Hawaiian Islands, with only a day and a half before one of the biggest accomplishments of my life.

That is, of course, assuming I survive.

To be clear, I set out to do this not because I'm an aspiring elite athlete. Far from it. I'm just a regular girl that wanted to do something to feel better about herself. To set a goal, follow through for once, get outside, and have a sense of accomplishment and pride afterward (as well as a mad fine excuse to sit on the sip umbrella drinks beachside for a week afterward). And since I've always joked that if I ever ran a full marathon, I'd do the Kauai marathon because at the finish line, I'm in Kauai, I booked a flight, made reservations at a few mind-blowing hotels and registered for the race. It is, quite easily, the best worst idea I've ever had.

So, Kauai, as I get ready stow all my portable electronics for landing, I hope you've stocked up on enough Mai Tai mix. Because this race? It's on. And I'll be blogging all about the trip and my adventures here, so I hope all you devotees check back to see if (fingers crossed) I manage to keep all my toenails or not.

Now, what about you readers? What fitness goals have you set for yourself this year and how's your training—or lack thereof—going? What workout tricks keep you going? This kid needs all the inspiration she can get.

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