Great Incentives Part Two

A few blogs back I wrote about a company out of Cleveland,

FIT Technologies, who came up with a great incentive program to help change

their employees lifestyle choices -thereby creating healthier & happier


The Weight Reduction incentive program offers a series of

incentives. To participate in the program, employees must have a

reduction goal of 10% of their weight or greater.

Employees will establish a goal weight/reduction

percentage. (Official weigh-in required)

Employees will receive a $100.00 bonus for each 10%

increment of weight loss from the initial weigh-in weight. (Official

weigh-in required)

When employees reach their established goal weight, they

notify Human Resources to confirm the goal has been reached. (Official

weigh-in required)

Scenario A: Once employees maintain their goal weight

(within 2 lbs.) for 90 days, they will receive a $500.00 bonus. (Official

weigh-in required)

Scenario B: If after 90 days, employees exceed the 2 lb.

cushion, employees will need to return to their goal weight and maintain the

goal weight for 30 days to receive the $500.00 bonus

Scenario C: If an employee's established goal weight meets

the Weight Guide below, and they maintain the goal weight (within 2 lbs.) for

90 days they will receive a $500.00 bonus.

These employees are eligible for an additional anniversary

incentive: If an employee maintains his/her weight (within 2 lbs.) listed on

the Weight Ranges chart for 12 months, he/she will receive $500.00


Well, the first quarter results are in! But before we reveal how the program is

doing…can you believe that one of the company's co-founders, Michelle Tomallo, has

such a personal interest in the program, that she is committed to everyone's

success. Two or the participants in the program, who did not make the charts

this quarter, asked Michelle to weigh them every two weeks because they felt

that it would be very motivating. Get this…Michelle was happy to help.

In her words, Congratulations to all of our staff, who

have been working diligently over the last quarter to make improvements in

their health, eating habits, and exercise routines. Whether you lost one

pound or 100 pounds, you are working to improve your health, fitness and energy

level. If you're one of those people who didn't lose weight first

quarter—this quarter is another chance to work toward your goal.

Congratulations to those of you who have stopped smoking,

you rock. You're doing a great thing for your body and your life.

Employees Dan, Eric and Ann were the top highest percent of

weight lost - 12%, 11% and 8.8% respectively. Here are some of their winning secrets.

Here's a few simple and practical suggestions from our


Eat less. Move more. Take the steps. Ride a bike. Walk.


Have gum, mints, or hard candy to satisfy your sweet tooth

instead of chocolate, cookies or candy.

Drink more water. The recommended amount is 64oz per

day. 80% of the time people who think they are hungry are, in fact,


Remember that you have to burn approximately 3500 calories

to lose a pound. Be deliberate about your food choices. Every food choice

has a consequence. Don't overeat.

Think of your goal for weight loss in small segments—think

"I can lose 2 lbs this week!" instead of "how can I lose 22 lbs?"

Two websites Michelle recommends to her employees are and

Way to go Cleveland! Keep up the great work and dedication!

Cleveland Rocks.

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