Big Re-Freshing Scents In A Little Wipe

Ever need a quick pick me up in the middle of the day? Check out these amazing towelettes from Herban Essentials of Santa Barbara, CA. They use only the highest quality, 100% pure, therapeutic grade, steam distilled or cold pressed essential oils. They make a constant effort to obtain organic, wild-grown oils from American farmers whenever possible. Their products are made in the USA, are cruelty free and are never tested on animals.

OK-we all know Whole Foods totally rocks. And for more than great food.

I discovered some sweet smelling wipes while standing in line the other day. Perfect for the heat of summer.

Herban Essentials (opens in new tab)


Although I'm not into Yoga I did pick the "Yoga Towelettes (opens in new tab)" this time around.

They smell like lavender and are great for a quick pick me up anywhere / anytime. Half way thru the day, before a meeting, after work and yes even after yoga as the name recommends.

They also come in peppermint (opens in new tab) which would be my next pick.

And a convenient multi-pack of mixed towelettes (opens in new tab) - great when you want to mix things up depending on the day.

At $15.00 a pack for 20 individually wrapped towelettes you can't beat the price and convenience.

There's even eucalyptus (opens in new tab) ones for the cold winter months.

So do yourself and everyone around you a favor and pick up some great towelettes this summer and even into the winter.

It'll make everyone feel great!

Herban Essentials are available all across the country at astore near you (opens in new tab).