Get Smart With Smart Wool

SmartWool was born with comfortable performance in mind. The

founders were New England ski instructors struggling to keep their feet warm.

After trying a variety of materials, they rediscovered an age-old classic:

wool. But the socks were itchy and shrank. So they worked on a process to make

them soft and easy care. SmartWool was born on a simple tenet: keeping feet

comfortable on the slopes.

But it was a hard sell. Try as they might, they couldn't

initially convince others of the material's merits. No one believed that a wool

sock could be anything but itchy. Out of frustration, they finally challenged

people to try them. And this simple tactic changed the course of SmartWool

forever and pioneered a new market transformation for wool performance

products. They were even more surprised that their feet stayed comfortable for

extended periods of time in mixed weather conditions. Instead of getting

clammy, the SmartWool socks stayed dry, soft and comfortable.

You won't find better gear to keep you comfortable in all

conditions than SmartWool, whether you're out tromping in rain, shine, heat or

hail. It's the best fiber in the world for cold and warm, wet and dry weather

use, combining comfort and performance into one versatile package. The secret is that each fiber harbors

thousands of tiny air pockets which, like insulation in your house, act as a

buffer against heat and cold. The fibers naturally regulate temperature,

whether you're climbing an 8,000-meter peak or running an Arizona marathon.

They keep you warm when it's cool and cool when it's hot. The fibers also move

moisture faster than any other material on the planet. This means you stay

drier longer and can say goodbye forever to the clamminess that comes from

other materials. Unlike synthetics, which have to wait for moisture to condense

before wicking it away from your skin, SmartWool's fibers are porous, allowing

them to absorb vapor and transfer it before it condenses. This saves a step by

letting them wick and evaporate moisture at the same time, transporting it in

both liquid and vapor stages. When it's hot, this creates a mini

air-conditioning unit next to your skin, transferring body heat to your

apparel. When it's cold, this keeps bone-chilling moisture at bay. And our

fibers even have one more trump card. As well as being the most efficient and

versatile fibers on the planet, their dryness also makes them the most

odor-free, free of the stink that plagues synthetics.

Get 'em while it's hot-or cold.

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