Random Swim Tidbits

Overcoming Fear.

Fear is a natural reaction to being in water. More in some that in others.

Dealing With Anxiety and Hyperventilating.

Even the most experienced swimmers experience anxiety whether at the start of a race or somewhere in the middle.

Overcoming Natural Movement Instincts.

Swimming is not a natural movement for most. Natural instincts are counter productive in water.


Generally the most difficult part of learning to swim. Patience and courage to turn your head in the proper position is key.


The ability to swim and remain relaxed is of the up most importance.

Body Control.

Learning to control your body movemnets and your position in the water will help you swim as efficient as possible.

Just something to think about.

It's definitely not the easiest sport but can be one of the most rewarding.

Fish Food For Thought if you will.

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