Venturing Out To New Experiences

Yes I took a class. And yes I've taken "classes" before. And no I don't like them. But cut me some slack.

I've been underwater where it's quiet and you move at your own pace. There's no one yelling at you. Yes, yelling is a bit of an exaggeration. No one speaking loudly to me.

Again, I'm not here to bang on this specific class. Only bringing it up because it's tough to break away from what you know and what you enjoy or even better what brings you joy. And cramming into a tiny studio working out on top of other people does not bring me joy.

There is one thing I did notice. Yes I was looking around. Is that a no-no in class sessions? I think it might be because no one was looking back at me. Anyway, as the class progressed from using little hand weights, to floor mats, to (dodge-ball type) balls, and even more toys I noticed one thing. Well maybe more than one thing. It was a 50+ minute class.

1. For a beginner class full of all different shapes and sizes, there was very little attention to details. Meaning, you have a six foot something girl in one corner, a woman who can barely see her feet in another and a woman who looks like she hasn't had a bite to eat for weeks. Yet we're all doing exactly the same exercises with no alternatives for each body type, level of strength, etc? Seems odd. Look around your next class. Is everyone on the same page? Because we had a whole Barnes and Noble group the other day. No one was on the same page.

2. There were two instructors. And you'd think one would be going around the room spotting everyone. Nope. One would lead an exercise then take a break while the other would lead an exercise. So, let me get this straight. You want me and every category in this room to do the entire workout while you two alternate? O.K.

3. Why so many people in such a small space? MOVE OVER! I wanted to yell at the woman struggling to do a sit-up next to me. MOVE OVER! MORE! MOVE OVER MORE! I just don't get it. BLECK.

Now I realize this was not a good experience and I will try not to let it discourage me from taking another class - whatever it may be.

But I just gotta say....don't listen to everything you hear or read. If you like something and it works....why change it?

If you need me I'll be back in the weight-room and underwater.

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