Heal Your Sore Feet

How to heal your sore feet
The best shoes, bags, and jewelry of the season
Karin Catt

Seventy-six percent of women suffer from foot conditions - but fashion doesn't have to hurt. Consider these strategies for healthier feet, as you step into spring's sprightly styles.

  • HEELS: Take them off after an hour. Strengthen the overworked small-toe muscles by rolling a golf ball under bare feet and doing heel raises for a few minutes a day. Also, introduce calf stretches to your usual workout.
  • HARD-SOLED SHOES (like Birks): Get gel heel cushions. And, because these soles tend to dry out skin, moisturize daily to prevent cracking.
  • BALLET FLATS: Do calf exercises and add foldable insoles to improve support.
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