Bored at the Gym?

Today I saw a guy who looked like Neil Diamond.

Another purse lady — and she was kinda young for a gym purse lady.

Eating disorder girl.

Bench press/dumbbell curl only guy. Looks like he might fall over from being too top heavy.

Guy who lifts too much weight and therefore gets no benefits from what he's doing.

Girl who does the same thing.

Determined woman on treadmill who looks like she'd take down anything that gets in her way.

Dude floating around cardio room but not really doing anything for the last 30 minutes.

Man who takes forty five minutes to complete 4 sets of bench press.

Runner girl on the treadmill who's been running for what looks like hours and seems to have no intention of stopping any time soon.

Social butterfly guy who talks to EVERYONE that comes in the door. About every topic you can imagine!

And although they're all different and at the gym for different reasons.

They're my gym people.

I wonder if it really is Neil Diamond? Wouldn't that be cool?

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