Transform Your Lunch Hour

The Lunch hour; those pivotal 60 minutes of the day where you steal away from the office, fuel up for the afternoon, or run an errand or two — you could call lunch the most versatile hour of the day, if not the most powerful. From checking in with your shrink to schmoozing clients or cutting back on your daily spending, we've counted down some of the best ways to spend your lunch hour and what to eat while doing it.

1. Lunch Time Activism: Between munching on pita chips you can change the world for the better. Amnesty International's offers a variety of ways you can do some good on your lunch hour.

2. Deftly Navigating Office Politics: Sure you've left high school behind you but choosing who to have lunch with can still impact both you social life and career.

3. Trimming Your Spending: Since the recession began the brown bag has become more fashionable around the office but is it worth it? If you stack up your home made sandwich against a store bough on -- cent-by-cent -- how much are you really saving?

4. Trimming Your Waistline: From sandwiches to soup to pizza, we've got a ton of great recopies that will go easy on your wallet, keep you fit and help you take back the time you waste in the deli line.

5. Find out Whether You Really Need to Eat Lunch at All:Three women challenge their bodies by dramatically switching up their eating routines. From six meals a day to eating only once in a 24-hour period, they try to figure out just how often you really need food.

For more ideas on how to make the most of your lunch hour, keep reading.

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