The Office Nosher's Calorie Counter

Prevailing workplace wisdom has it that she who supplies the candy bowl controls the world...or at least the gossip on layoffs, supply room hookups, and last night's episode of Real Housewives. If you're frequently bartering scuttlebutt in exchange for handfuls of M&Ms, beware: All that mindless snacking adds up quickly. Here, we tallied the size of 100-calorie portions of your favorite desk-side treats. Ladies, a little less socializing might do your career and waistline some good.

100 calories gets you...

- 1 ½ Chips Ahoy! Chewy cookies

- 25 Original Jelly Belly jelly beans

- 18 Rold Gold Tiny Twists pretzels

- 4 ½ Hershey's Kisses

- 40 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

- 5 Swedish Fish

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