Zen and the Art of Soul Maintenance

Who isn't afraid of spinning? Where do I begin: the crazy Euro disco music, the intense instructors with a headset strapped to their head, the uber-skinny LA first wives clubs or even skinnier PR flacks... I could go on and on...But then along comes SoulCycle...I wont lie, I'm a pilates enthusiast as anyone who sits around my cubicle will tell you. But SoulCycle has found a follower! I was lured into it by promises of soothing lighting, low-pressure coaching, upbeat pop music you secretly love to sing along to, and free snacks at the end.. And boy did they represent! Classes range from 45mins-1 hour, and vary in difficulty (try the resistance band class for a serious upper body workout) while concentrating on a whole body workout, from the core up to your arms and down to your toes! You walk out inspired, invigorated, a little sweaty.. And maybe A LOT addicted!

Check out soul-cycle.com for info and classes.

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