Breaking Away: Cycling Gear

Cycling. A

great sport if you're looking for something new. Almost anyone can do it-it's just like riding a bike. Seriously. If you're thinking about starting to cycle, whether

competitively or for recreation-please, please, please buy and wear a

helmet. I will admit it can be

cumbersome at first but you will get used to it. And it will save your life. I've got a smashed one to prove it. There are so many situations you can

never prepare for on a bike--like a random Rottweiler charging your front

wheel. Next thing you know you're

flying over the front of the bike, then WHAM-your helmet hits the pavement--AND

YOU WALK AWAY! A friend just

recently flipped off his bike due to a crack in the road. A crack! He's been a long time cyclist and was a former professional

triathlete. So believe me WEAR A


Now those are definitely extreme examples but examples

nonetheless. A great site for

helmets is Rudy Project USA. My favorites are

the Pink/White/Silver and the green Team Jelly


The next piece of equipment you'll need for safety is a pair

of glasses. You can't imagine how dirty you get on a bike and how easily stuff

can fly into your face and eyes. Again Rudy Project USA offers some great stylish cycling glasses made

especially for women and smaller faces as part of their Rudy Girl Collection. The pink Sport

Mask is highly recommended. They have great coverage, they're pink and they fit

smaller faces.

There are bikes to fit your every need-road bikes,

tri-bikes, cruisers, you name it. Definitely check your local bike retail store for detailed information

about each type of bike as well as a custom fit and bike safety

information. How to change a flat

tire, what equipment (tools) you should carry with you while riding and a

lesson on riding in traffic if need be. Many bike shops offer weekly rides for various fitness levels in

cycling. These are a great way to

meet new people and to get acquainted with your hobby.

Check back for what to wear while cycling.

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