Finding New Fitness Activities

I went back to my sports-medicine doctor yesterday, two weeks after my first visit, so he could confirm that what I have is a stress fracture — not Achilles Tendonitis — and that all I can really do is… nothing. I have to wait it out for six weeks and let my left foot heal. The good new is that it means I can be back on the track just after Thanksgiving and make my New Year's Eve run in Central Park.

But it also means that for the next month, I'll have to do something else, something that doesn't involve my feet; and something that doesn't involve my mind, since thinking isn't physical and what I really need is to get the hell out of my head. So what to do?

Hiking under the fall foliage is out, since I need two good feet for that, and biking is a maybe. I could go rock climbing, which I tried for the first this summer, and which, if I recall correctly, required a lot more upper body strength than lower (never mind that the instructor told me I overused my arms).

What else, what else? I'm open to suggestions…

Readers... what should I do? Click "comment" below and tell me.

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