Finding New Fitness Activities

I went back to my sports-medicine doctor yesterday, two weeks after my first visit, so he could confirm that what I have is a stress fracture — not Achilles Tendonitis — and that all I can really do is… nothing. I have to wait it out for six weeks and let my left foot heal. The good new is that it means I can be back on the track just after Thanksgiving and make my New Year's Eve run in Central Park.

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But it also means that for the next month, I'll have to do something else, something that doesn't involve my feet; and something that doesn't involve my mind, since thinking isn't physical and what I really need is to get the hell out of my head. So what to do?

Hiking under the fall foliage is out, since I need two good feet for that, and biking is a maybe. I could go rock climbing, which I tried for the first this summer, and which, if I recall correctly, required a lot more upper body strength than lower (never mind that the instructor told me I overused my arms).

What else, what else? I'm open to suggestions…

Readers... what should I do? Click "comment" below and tell me.

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