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The 12 Best Weighted Vests For Your Workouts

The intimidation ends now.

weighted vest

When you see someone working out in a weighted vest, you know they mean business. But while the tool may look like it's designed for advanced exercisers only, the concept is pretty basic: Wearing a weighted vest makes everything you do more challenging. Not sure where to start? Check out the best weighted vests, according to trainers and fellow fit fanatics, here.

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Aduro Sport Weighted Vest

Looking for something simple? This weighted vest is a good option. It goes on like a backpack and puts the weight between your shoulders. It also has a mesh pocket where you can stash additional pounds.

Rave review: "Love this product! Fits well and is snug; barely moves, which is exactly what I want when doing all types of exercise, but especially plyometric exercises."—Susie, amazon.com

Best Bounce-Free Weighted Vest
Z Zelus Weighted Vest

Made of chloroprene rubber, this vest is breathable and soft. It has an adjustable buckle strap to tighten the vest across your chest and reflective strips for safety on both sides, in case you want to get your sweat session in during low-light conditions.

Rave review: "Bounce is negligible, hardly noticeable; does not distract at all. Comfortable on the shoulders and a little stretchy, but not too stretchy. Good weight distribution. It does not feel heavy in any one spot." —Angela, amazon.com

Best Weighted Vest For Running
Henkelion Weighted Running Vest

Want to make your runs a little more challenging? This is the vest for you. Henkelion’s running vest distributes weight across your back and shoulders, while padded straps help keep you comfortable. A mesh pocket in the back allows you to add extra weight—or store your stuff while you log miles.

Rave review: "The adjustability of this vest is great. I can see it fitting a lot of different size people. It's not so bulky that you hate wearing it and it's no too low on the waist. Honestly with the strap adjustment on the chest, it fits me great." —Autumn, amazon.com

Best Weighted Vest for Trail Running
RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest

No one wants an unsteady vest while running on unsteady terrain. That's why the padded shoulders and Velcro are so clutch here.

Rave review: "The Velcro around the torso will keep the vest in place while you move—even if you’re a fast runner—and the padded shoulders are a must for comfort during long workouts. I give it two big thumbs up for trail running.” — Brittany Watts, NASM-certified trainer at Performix House

Best Weighted Vest For CrossFit
Cross101 Adjustable Camouflage Weighted Vest

For those times you want to unleash your inner G.I. Jane, there’s this camo weighted vest. It has an elastic belt around the middle to help give you a snug fit and comes with with removable inserts so you can adjust the amount of weight. 

Another cool perk: This pick even has a built-in water bottle holder, making it the perfect weighted running vest.

Rave review: "Generally I am quite impressed. It doesn't seem to rub (and I wear it with tank tops), the material is easy to wipe down after a gross workout, and it definitely makes any workout exponentially more difficult." —Danielle, amazon.com

Most Durable Weighted Vest
RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest

Weight options for this vest range from 12 pounds to 60 pounds, and you can easily remove weights at any point before, during, or after your workout. 

This weighted vest also comes with a lifetime warranty, an adjustable belt for a close fit, and a phone and bottle holder.

Rave review: "This is a great quality vest. The sand bags are easy to insert and remove. I wear it even while doing chores around the house; it's that comfortable." —Ali, amazon.com

Most Comfortable Weighted Vest
Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO Adjustable Weight Vest

TBH, this looks more like a cool top than a weighted vest, but it definitely gets the job done. The vest comes with 10 pounds of weights with the capacity to add more. It also has ties on the side to help ensure a perfect fit.

Rave review: "I am very pleased I purchased this weight vest. It is comfortable and undetectable under a shirt. I must say, in the first month of wearing this vest, I am truly surprised at the results! The vest has helped with my overall toning and has also given me more stamina and strength." —Elizabeth, amazon.com

Best Weighted Vest For Low-Impact Cardio
CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest

If you're looking for ways to make walking or weight lifting a li'l more challenging when it comes to conditioning your heart and lungs, try doing your fave low-impact cardio workouts with this 20-lb. weighted vest strapped to your torso.  

Rave review: "Great weighted vest. I got this to take my cardio workouts to a new level. It certainly has." —Rainey, amazon.com

Best Overall Weighted Vest for Women
Empower Weighted Fitness Training Vest for Women

This weighted vest is designed specifically for women, instead of being a smaller version of a men's vest. Use it for running, strength training, CrossFit, you name it!

Rave review: "My workouts with the vest are challenging, and I sweat a lot. Without the vest, I'm faster and my workouts are a breeze. So it does increase your strength and endurance."— Shani, amazon.com

Best Weighted Vest for Posture
Vivitory Weighted Vest Workout Equipment

This one is super simple to use and comfy for day-to-day wear. The 11 lb. version is great to sport on a long hike or even just around the house!

Rave review: "As soon as I put it on, I instantly felt my posture correct. I use it daily around the house and [running] errands to strengthen my upper back. I also wear it when I work out for the added challenge." —Manda, amazon.com

Best Weighted Vest For Under $30
RitFit Weight Vest

This vest has adjustable front and side straps to make sure it goes on comfy and stays put. It also has mesh pockets to store your keys and phone, and wide shoulder straps to distribute the weight throughout your chest and upper body.

Rave review: "Pretty good for the price. I bought this to wear during bootcamp and it does make it more challenging. Great purchase!" —Julia, amazon.com

Best Weighted Vest To Next-Level Bodyweight Exercises
Everlast Weighted Vest

When you're ready to take your burpees, pushups, and other bodyweight exercise up a notch, throw on this weighted vest. At 10 pounds, it'll be just enough to keep you seeing gains from those basic moves over time. 

Rave review: "Love this vest!!! My workouts now are more interesting!!! Is a great addition to my workout routine!!!" —Karli, target.com

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