Your Boyfriend Won't Be Able to Help You Buy Emergency Contraception

The Obama administration open the door to emergency contraception access for women everywhere, regardless of age. But despite this lack of restriction, a different group—men—can face difficulty getting access to the morning-after pill. But this isn't for legal reasons—there are no laws that keep a man from purchasing emergency contraception—in fact, according to the FDA, it's been legal for men to buy Plan B since 2006. But despite these facts, men still have a good chance of face trouble at the pharmacy. According to a new study from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health published in the journal Contraception, 20 percent of men who went to pharmacies seeking emergency contraceptives were denied. In the majority of the cases of denial, the pharmacist told the man they needed to see the woman who would be taking the pill herself. The other 27 percent said they were out of stock.

So if you're in need of Plan B fast, best not to send your significant other or male roommate to pick it up for you.

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