What Is Your Stress Score?

A. Chu

You can't hit that performance sweet spot — in the gym or the office — unless you have stress under control. How far off are you?

Coach Rick Crawford of Colorado Premier Training has a new system worth trying. Rate each of these areas on a scale of one to 10 every day for a week:

__ Physical (hard workout) __ Sleep (quality of it)
__ Emotional (people stuff) __ Rest (time away from work)
__ Mental (hard day at work) __ Therapy (time doing things you love)

If your stress score is way higher than your recovery score, you know what you need to do (sleep, go see art, shop on eBay). Just don't carry a "stress balance" forward to the next week.

Need help de-stressing? Check out 5 Ways to a More Balanced Life.

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