What Kind of Burger is Right for You?

Burgers by Body-Type

Depending on your figure, says the American Dietetic Association's Angela Ginn-Meadow, R.D., the ideal patty isn't necessarily the ever-virtuous veggie.

YOUR SHAPE: Apple—you gain weight around your midsection.

EAT: Soy patties. The protein lowers the risk of heart disease, a concern for your shape.

TIP: Boost flavor with vitamin-rich onions or mushrooms.

YOUR SHAPE: Pear—extra weight lands mainly on your hips.

EAT: Veggie patties, the ideal low-cal, no-fat choice.

TIP: A side salad with beans ups protein and fiber intake.

YOUR SHAPE: Banana—you're naturally thin.

EAT: Turkey patties. High protein repairs muscles and fuels up active, slim types.

TIP: These patties are often mixed with skin and dark meat. Swap half the bun for nutritious veggies to keep flab in check.

YOUR SHAPE: Avocado—extra pounds spread evenly over your curvy figure.

EAT: Lean-beef patties. Relatively high fat and protein content keeps you full and energetic longer.

TIP: Pile on tomatoes—the vitamin C helps absorb the iron in beef.

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