How to Get the Redcord Workout at Home

Get killer abs by mastering these three Redcord moves.

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Bridge: Lie on your back with one leg in each strap. Tighten your abs and lift your hips up into a straight body position by pressing your legs down. Stabilize your body and avoid arching your lower back. Return to the starting position. The Bridge can also be performed with one leg loose, held parallel to your leg in the strap while lifting the hips.

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Dynamic Crunch: Lie on your stomach with your legs in the Redcord Sling, supporting your upper body on your forearms. Tighten your abs and bring your body into a plank position, shoulders over your wrists. Now pull your knees toward your chest by flexing your legs, while avoiding moving your upper body forward. Return to the starting position.

Superman: Kneel under the Redcord Trainer with one hand in each strap. Tighten your abs and lean forward as you stabilize your body. Avoid arching your lower back. Return to the starting position.

Do four to six repetitions and three to four sets of each exercise. Perform the exercises slowly and controlled. For more moves and to order the equipment, go to

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