The Year of the Butt: How to Get What They've Got

You better werk.
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Inspired by the most celebrated bottoms of 2014, we're telling you how to achieve an optimally curvaceous posterior anytime, anywhere. Sure, celebs with famously ample backsides have a leg up (literally), either from DNA or magic, but the rest of us have got to work for this year's coveted derrière—no butts about it.
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The New Classic Squat

If you want to keep up with Iggy Azalea, you've got to surrender to the mother of all butt exercises: the squat. Begin by standing with your feet side by side, a shoulder's width apart. Then, lower your hips as if you're about to sit on a chair, keeping your knees over your toes. Form is key, which means your torso and back must be kept straight at all times. Repeat and do that, do that.

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The Kick-Back

First step: Imagine Nicki Minaj as your personal trainer. Next, stand facing a chair with your feet hip's width apart with hands on your hips. Step up onto the seat with one foot and lift your body up, then swing your bent left knee to hip height. Hinge forward, then kick your left leg back straightening it as high as you can. Complete the kickback by stepping off the chair with your left foot, then your right. Repeat, or else.

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The Arch Leg Lift

For killer glutes and stems à la J.Law, start by getting into plank position and raising your butt so your body forms an upside-down V. Lift one leg up to the ceiling, then bring it down to the floor out to your side, lift it up again to the ceiling, and bring it down to the other side (as far as you can), over your standing leg. 

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The Plié

You ready, Bey? If you want to drop down low and sweep the floor with it, you must first master this ballet basic. Start by standing up straight in "first position" (with your heels touching and your toes spread as far apart as possible). Then, bend your knees and lower towards the floor, keeping your body aligned and steady—no lifting your heels allowed! Rise up slowly, pulling your inner thighs together, then your knees, and straighten back to first position.

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The Bridge-Up

Coveting a booty that'll #breaktheinternet? Time to bridge-up, ladies. Start by seating yourself on the floor with your arms bent, hands resting near your hips, and feet flat. Then, straighten your arms to allow your butt to rise from the floor until your your body is straight from your head to your knees (they should be bent at a 90 degree angle). Hold for a couple of seconds, then repeat.

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The Lunge

You don't look this good at 45 years old without serious discipline. Jennifer Lopez fans, meet the lunge. To start, set your feet parallel at a hip's distance apart and take one large step forward. Then steadily lower yourself in that position as far as possible, with your front knee directly above your ankle. Keep the weight in your heels as you transition back to the starting position. Repeat with your other leg. For J.Lo results, do it about, oh, a million times.

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