That Time Hillary Clinton Accidentally Crashed a Bachelor Party

"I love having men at my feet."

Hillary Clinton meets and greets a lot of groups on the campaign trail, but a bachelor party might be a first. The Washington Post reports that Clinton inadvertently ran into just that—well, it was more like a wedding-day boozy brunch—and made one groom's day. 

She was at Saffron, a café and bar in Charleston, South Carolina, and quickly realized it was a groom and his 10 groomsmen partying before the big day. The group asked for a photo, and Clinton's campaign-trail photographer arranged some of them so they were kneeling down near the former Secretary of State. "I love having men at my feet," Clinton joked. (In my personal fantasy, she secretly muttered so I can crush them at the end of this sentence.)

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The groom, John Schreck, invited Clinton to his wedding that night, but she regretfully said she couldn't make it. He says he's still undecided about the election but is a fan of Clinton's. Maybe she should have showed up at the wedding to clinch his vote.

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