The 10 Best Reactions to Hillary Clinton's Epic Subway Fail

Hey, those turnstiles have a mind of their own. 

In case you're living under a rock or haven't had internet access for the past day, Hillary Clinton, surrounded by thirsty journalists and people with smartphones, tried and unfortunately failed to swipe into a New York subway stop yesterday morning. In fact, it took her five swipes to successfully get into the station, all of which were caught on film.

This, of course, is worthy of plenty of internet discussion. So here you have it: the 10 best (/worst/meanest/shadiest) reaction tweets to HRC's swipe fail. 

All of this, by the way, and no one comments on the man behind her on the turnstile line who didn't lose his mind at the delay. He must not have been a native New Yorker, though god knows that would be the way to win NYC primary voters' hearts: a good "Hey, f*ck you, man, I'm trying to swipe here!" would've been hilarious. 

And finally, while this is not a reaction to yesterday's swiping debacle, we wanted to conclude with this HRB #FBF:

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