Hillary Clinton and Her Dolly Parton Costume Crushed #TBT

Game recognizes game.

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Career politician Hillary Clinton might be a real human woman with regular-lady taste in TV, but her #TBT game is anything but ordinary. (Does anyone else think she *sensed* Instagram and her presidential campaign coming and had her family photos digitized in, like, 2000? I do.)

For this week's nostalgia fest, she posted a pic from her 48th birthday party in 1995, which was 1) hosted at the White House, 2) Dolly Parton-themed, and 3) attended by 150 staffers and friends, according to The Huffington Post. She wears a gingham skirt and a head of tight blonde curls. Bill's in a cowboy hat and prominent belt buckle. The barn-shaped cake goes as itself.

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"Tell you one, thing, folks," she reportedly said that night. "The costume can go back in the morning, but I'm going to hang on to this wig!" Oh, Chillary. *waves hand while wondering what else she prophesied* 

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