Just Try Not to Tear Up at This Photo of Hillary Clinton Watching Chelsea's Speech

Too late—crying.

Chelsea and Hilary Clinton
(Image credit: Getty)

Before the balloons fell and everybody cavorted amongst them like it was the inauguration and they'd already won—because, in a way, they already *had*—Chelsea Clinton gave a speech that made Hillary look like this at a TV screen. 

[instagram ]https://www.instagram.com/p/BIbZkE8hduK/[/instagram]

Now *that's* goals. 

Describing her mom as "wonderful, thoughtful, and hilarious" and "always there" for her, Clinton peppered her graceful address with anecdotes about the daily notes Hillary would leave for her to open while she was away on work trips or that time she fell down, and Hillary picked her up and read her Goodnight Moon[Editor]

So proud. So very proud indeed. 

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