Hair How-To: 10 Genius Ways to Use Bobby Pins

They aren't just for hiding!

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Tip 1: Find pins in bold colors. Creating a fun design holds hair in place better than using one bobby pin alone.

Tip 2: Double up. Create a loose braid and use two pins to hold each strand in place.

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Tip 3: Create sweeping bangs. Using your bobby pins in a fan shape will give extra hold to side swept hair that's pulled up into a low, messy bun.

Tip 3: Create sweeping bangs. Or just use the bobby pins to create a side-swept look.

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Tip 5: Geometry rules. These 8 pins hold hair in place but create a fancy visual for second-day hair.

Tip 6: Give Old Hollywood a try. Easily recreate a finger wave by using several pins to hold the hair in place.

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Tip 7: Fake a barette. Using 3 pins to hold a side-swept look in place will have more staying power than a barette alone.

Tip 8: Create an 'X'. Criss-crossing bobby pins will help hold a style in place without the need for an elastic.

Tip 9: Multi-pin approach. These 6 evenly spaced pins work to keep beachy hair in place.

Tip 10: Let 'em show. When performing updo magic, using criss-cross pins in the places you need them will help hold the style better than one pin tucked into your 'do.

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