The Best Makeup Tips, Ideas, and Inspiration

5 Cult-Favorite Brow Products You Need ASAP

Skinny brows, sparse brows, short brows, fat brows—we've got you.

Finally: How to Keep Your Mascara From Smudging

Surprise: It's stupidly easy to prevent and fix.

The 12 Absolute Best Under-Eye Concealers

Because looking like a zombie is *so* last century.

Testing the Best Drugstore Mascaras

I present to you the only mascara you'll ever need again.

Get Rid of Dark Circles

No tricks or gimmicks—just kickass products that really work.

The ultimate guide to all things "makeup" from the editors of Marie Claire. Check out our favorite lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners and "how to" guides to help keep you on trend this season.
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The 12 Best Beauty Products to Buy on Black Friday

None of the crappy stuff—only the good goods.

Tested and Approved: The 5 Best Contour Kits for Total Newbies

So ridiculously easy, it almost feels like cheating.

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The 5 Absolute Best, Viral-for-a-Reason Makeup Products to Buy Right Now

Tested and approved by moi, your overly obsessed beauty friend.

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12 Honestly Gorgeous Ways to Wear Hair Cuffs

Hi, we would like them all, please.

The 5 Best of the Best Makeup Palettes Under $25

Color correctors, contour kits, strobing quads, oh, my!

6 Bizarrely Cool Lipstick Tutorials That Will Give You Literally Any Lip Shape You Want

Fuller lips, thinner lips, just-spent-five-hours-kissing lips, you name it.

The 10 Best Drugstore Lipsticks for Fall

"We'll take one of everything, please."

The 10 Best No-Streak Self-Tanners

No Oompa Loompa look here.